Monday, January 19, 2009


There's 2 birthday celebration this week. My mom had wanted to gift her friend's 1st grandchild first year birthday gift. So I made baby carriage, rompers and 3 tier cake.

My daughter had her second year birthday too. She just loves Barney so much, that I made the Barney theme for her party.

I then had some remaining cookie dough, I just got to try something new. I've so long wanted to make stenciled cookies, but the one in the market are not really to unique to me. So I made my own stencils. And I love the result of it.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Just would like to update pictures. At the same time new designs for the upcoming Valentine's.
I was so inspired when I saw people who made macarons into other shapes. I just got to try it. Well... it didn't turn out that hard after all. Except for some pointies on the flower macarons. lol....

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Macaron Tower

These pictures are kinda posted late.....yeh,very late. Did a first mock up macarons tower of rose and peppermint flavour and had photography session with SK. Two weeks later, my mom-in-law requested me to make a wedding gift for her close neighbour's daughter wedding.

At that point, I really can't think of anything accept the macaron tower. Just thinking of it makes me excited to "build" it again. Anyway, I'm pretty sure that macaron tower has never exists in a Malay wedding gift/ gift exchange.

Slight difference from the first macaron tower, I made english roses from fondants to go with the tower. First time I did the flowers eversinced I learnt from my friend S from FBDG. What do you think?

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Dare to bake

I had a request of making a large macarons (like a cake) for a wedding gift. I've never tested or made it, although did ever thought about it. Ispahan has been my favourite. But seems to me that too much ingrediants to use.

I just took the chance to do it anyway. Since my friend SJ requested macarons like Tiffany's colour, to incorperate with her Tiffany's Calla Lilies, I then made a large macarons of 9 inch in size. Filled the inner part with dark chocolate ganache, also lychee buttercream and arranged the circumference with fresh raspberry. First time did it, and it really taste GREAT. Although for original recipe, it does call for rose flavour to be added too.

At the same time , I've already make arrangement with SK for some photoshoots. I love the outcome of the picture. Just great.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bright & Sunny

The weather this time are very unpredictable. It's so scorching bright in the morning and then later pouring heavily in the afternoon. Nevertheless, one has made the mood to be more bright for the day. Got an order from T as favor. Bright orange ribbon with flavours of Dark Chocolate, Blueberry and Lemon. Is enough to make the guest feels bright and cheery.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

My First Monogram

Here's the first Sweet Merveilles monogram I tried to make. What do you think??

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Using Photoshop

I've been reading alot of tutorials for photoshop. Actually what caught my attention is the beautiful designs of monogram. I just love to look how simple of just 2 or 3 letters can make a nice monogram. Why didn't I think of this before I got married. I would have make my wedding card more special and personalise.

Anyway, it took quite a lot of pratices into using the Photoshop. All this while I've only been using it for simple editing. All is takes is your creative thinking and a good colour combination. Get the right font to go with the right occassion. I'm using version 7, and there are a lots of not so many nice fonts in there. But I found nice fonts to download from It's free to download.

Did try to make some "SweetMerveilles" monogram......but doesn't turn out like it suppose to be......Hehhehehe.....

Anyway, I'll try and postup at least one of the monogram that I made later.....(I promise). Then you can tell me if it's ugly.